Why Us?

In February 2018 we were rated outstanding across the board for the third consecutive inspection.

Our small classes, fully qualified teachers and high staff to children ratio ensure your child receives excellent attention.

Alongside a strong moral code, we strive to equip our pupils with the intellectual character to be effective thinkers and learners.  Our approach is to embed the principles of  ‘Growth Mindset’ so that every individual sees their intelligence as something which will grow through the adoption of the correct attitude, skills, knowledge and values. Curriculum tasks are set to develop the following intellectual character traits in all Androvians:

Adaptability                      Ambition

Collaboration                   Creativity

Curiosity                            Initiative

Reflectiveness                  Resilience  

st andrews prep nursery children playing with animal

We offer children a wide variety of learning experiences and they quickly begin to develop spiritually, morally, culturally and socially whilst enhancing their creative talents. It is through living and working in a positive and creative atmosphere that children learn to feel secure in themselves and their surroundings.

Staff seek to promote self-confidence and independence in the children in the hope that, by the time they leave the department, they will have acquired an enthusiasm for learning, gained awareness of the needs of those around them and developed an ability to interact with others and make friends.


'The overall quality and standards of the EYFS are outstanding. All children including the youngest, the more able and those with SEND, make excellent progress in their learning and development relative to their starting points and are all very well prepared for the next stage of their education.'
ISI Inspection Report May 2015

Exceptional facilities

Open 50 weeks a year from 8am to 6pm, the Nursery provides a superb service. Timetable-based sessions run for 34 weeks of the year. Children may join at any time during the academic year, making starting easy and flexible.

With our own dining rooms and full catering facilities, hot meals, snacks, lunch and tea can be taken on site, ensuring a nourishing as well as a nurturing environment. We have our own fully equipped ICT suite as well as access to the main school’s facilities such as the sports hall, heated indoor pool, resource centre and Forest School site. In addition, we call upon specialist staff from the Prep school for games, music, dance and swimming.


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