Summer Term: Week 11

The final week of the year is always full of mixed emotions: joy at the thought of the lovely hot summer ahead, as well as sadness that the year has finished and we are saying goodbye to the Year 2 children. We will, of course, see them again in Chapel assemblies, in the dining hall and outside. Monday’s assembly was all about reflections of the year and moving on. The children explored their feelings about leaving their current year and moving on to new adventures in their new year group. They expressed their excitement, as well as their worries. Moving Up Day on Tuesday went a long way to alleviating many of their worries and the children came back excited about all the new challenges that lie ahead. It was lovely to see and hear. On Thursday the children all had an opportunity to wish Mr Jones a fond farewell. It was a lovely celebration and they sang heartily in the We Need a Hero song. We will miss both Mr and Mrs Jones and wish them the best of luck in their new adventure.

Year 2 had a very busy final week in Pre-Prep. There was great excitement about visiting Year 3. The highlights included climbing the stairs to Top Floor and carrying their own trays at lunch time! They reminisced about their time in Pre-Prep and I’m sure that their online leavers’ assembly will bring a tear to many parents’ eyes. It certainly did to the Pre-Prep teachers. The Summer Fayre was the perfect ending to the year. We wish all the children and parents a wonderful summer. 

Year 1 had a busy and exciting week, with Moving Up Day, where the children had a lovely morning with their Year 2 teachers. There was much excitement on Wednesday afternoon with a drama session with Mrs Radley and great parachute games. What a way to end the year, with a morning on the beach and the afternoon at the Summer Fayre, finished off with an ice cream. Mrs Reed and Mrs Bates thank all the Year 1 children for a fantastic year and wish them a wonderful summer holiday.

The Reception children have had a wonderful last week with Mrs Tarrant and Mrs Cracknell. They are ready to leave the nest and eager to move on. They enjoyed Moving Up Day and returned almost bigger and taller! They watched snippets of the Prep School’s Sports Day, which caused great excitement, as they couldn’t quite understand how it was on the computer screen and outside the window at the same time!

The Chaffinch and Kingfisher children have enjoyed exploring the large construction materials in their outside play area. Some of the children came up with an excellent idea of making a ‘train’. They worked collaboratively and used the large crates to make the carriages of the train. Lots of imaginative play and dialogue followed and all the children wanted a turn on the train. Chaffinch have been creative and initiating their own ideas; they made paper bags and cut creatively, making shapes and lots of snips. They were really focussed on this and showed persistence in mastering their cutting skills. On Tuesday the children were very excited about Moving Up Day. One of the children said, “I am being really good, because I am listening very hard.” They all had a fabulous morning and are clearly ready for Reception.

The Nightingale children have practised their writing skills this week. They wrote over dotted letters of words with the white board markers. They showed such good concentration. They also enjoyed and made the most of their last week as a Nightingale class, with dancing, singing and lots of circle times talking about their moving up to be very big boys and girls.

This week, in the Robin class, it has been wonderful to sit back and watch how much the children have grown and developed in their play and specialist lessons. The older Robin children are so ready for their next venture into the Nightingale class, from September, and the younger ones are so ready to become the eldest! Spending the year with the Robin children has been our little bit of ‘normal’ life, in what otherwise has been a strange year. Miss Maynard, Mrs Guy, Mrs Bloxam, Miss Jana, Mrs Neale and Miss Lydia all wish you a lovely summer.  

The Sparrow children had great fun making sand castles in the sand pit, using buckets, cups, spades and rakes. They practised their fine motor skills and had fun outside.