Celebrating a Creative Community

The Art studio at St Andrews Prep is a hub of activity where every child has the opportunity to express their creativity in an inspiring and spacious environment. Projects are based around exciting themes on a termly basis which include observational drawings, compositional work and artist studies. Children are introduced and encouraged to experiment with a diverse range of media including painting, printing, ink, clay, mod roc, pastels, collage and textiles.

st andrews prep creative arts drawing tree

Children are taught Art by their class teachers in Reception to Year 2 and have specialist Art lessons from Year 3 in the studio. Currently, they have a one hour lesson each week with the option of participating in Co-Curricular Art which is run three times a week in further one hour slots.

Throughout the year there are various gallery visits and art trips which children are encouraged to attend to allow them to experience an even wider breadth of the subject.

The Art scholars activity is held weekly where those with internal Art scholarships are able to extend their portfolios. A local potter visits the studio for four hours a week and runs evening specialist pottery activities, including throwing on the pottery wheel and hand building work.

There is a Saturday morning art club where children have the opportunity to extend their creativity further with more fun and engaging projects.