2019 Arts Week

Arts Week is always a fantastic opportunity for the children in the Pre-Prep and the older Nursery children to take on exciting and creative projects, involving music and drama activities.

This year, the theme was Artists and provided the children will stimulus for them to explore and experience a diverse range of media.

The week began with the Year 8s Drama Scholars demonstrating their acting skills by performing monologues, giving the Pre-Prep children timely advice ahead their Christmas performances.

The Reception children learned a technique of painting known as Pointillism, in which small, distinct dots of colour are applied in patterns to form an image. They used cotton buds to created pictures of dinosaurs and corks to make the dinosaur’s surrounding environment. They also made all their Christmas cards, using the Pointillism technique.


Year 1 chose Andy Warhol as their artist. They loved his Pop Art and used their hands to print his style. They found this great fun and compared who had the most ticklish hands. They took photos of their faces and created a Marilyn Monroe-like picture, exploring different colours and effects. Working with the Art teacher, they produced some lovely clay tiles with their initials.


Year 2 looked at the work of the abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky. This Russian artist expressed his feelings through colours and shapes in his paintings, especially circles. They created one of his famous working together to make a collage of many concentric circles. The children said their favourite activity was make a tree and adding circles for leaves.  


A wonderful inspirational week for all the children and their beautifully colourful work is displayed around the Pre-Prep.  

Read more about Creative Arts and Sports in the Pre-Prep at St Andrew’s Prep here:

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