The Bridge Curriculum for Years 7 and 8 and Scholarships to Senior Schools

In Year 8 there are two routes into secondary education. The majority of senior schools require children to take either the Common Entrance examination or a programme of study that is broadly similar to Common Entrance to gain entry. 

From September 2019, St Andrew’s Prep moved away from Common Entrance in favour of The Bridge Curriculum which is an exciting new initiative that aims to combine the best bits of the Common Entrance syllabus with the best bits of the National Curriculum and other programmes of study to create a pathway of learning that is exciting, dynamic and more effective in preparing pupils for the demands of GCSE and beyond. It is through this route that most Androvians will access senior school. However, there are a number of children who take Academic Scholarship examinations and it is normal that they then do not have to take Common Entrance or the Bridge Curriculum exams as well.

Some senior schools set their own scholarship papers but the majority of local senior schools use the Common Academic Scholarship papers which are broadly based on the same syllabus as Common Entrance. Parents will be advised during Year 7 whether teachers feel that academic scholarship is a suitable route for their child.

Children begin the Bridge Curriculum in Year 7 and they will be monitored and assessed over Year 7 and 8 through a variety of methods. Assessment will be rigorous and, in some subjects, will not be too different from the Common Entrance exams. However, in subjects such as the Humanities, there will be much more opportunity for assessed project work, both collaborative and individual, as well as presentation and research skills. Written papers will continue to be sat in English, Mathematics, Science, French, History, Geography, TPR and Latin (for those children who have studied it).

Children move to a wide variety of senior schools, and in particular, Eastbourne College. The Headmaster is happy to advise on all future senior schools.

For more information about The Bridge Curriculum, you can download the following document: Bridge Curriculum

Pupils’ attitudes towards learning and achievement are outstanding; these attitudes owe much to teaching that is often highly enthusiastic and staff who speak to pupils in a way that shows they value the pupils’ ideas and achievements.

Encouraging achievement at the highest level

st andrews prep scholarships to senior schools

An impressive number of scholarships and awards are won by St Andrew’s Prep pupils each year to a wide variety of senior schools.

Our success, in so many different disciplines, demonstrates the benefits of our broad curriculum that allows children to develop their talents to the full.

In order to sit a scholarship exam, children need to be in top academic sets with a particular flair for problem solving and thinking for themselves. They will also join enrichment groups and be very motivated to do well.

Senior schools often set their own scholarship papers and the requirements vary enormously. Non-academic awards are also offered by senior schools, most commonly in Art, Drama, Music and Sport.


2019 Scholarship Awards to Senior Schools

2020 Scholarship Awards to Senior Schools