Visiting Us and Taster Days

A chance to experience life at St Andrew’s Prep 

We warmly invite children and their families to visit us to see for themselves the breadth of education and facilities we provide.

We understand that choosing the right school for your child is an extremely important decision. So whether you’re more comfortable at an Open Morning or would like to book a private visit with the Headmaster, we encourage parents and children to visit the school on more than one occasion. This way parents are able to see the school in various situations and fully appreciate all that we can offer their child.

Friday 24 and Saturday 25 April

Find out more about what our Nursery, Pre-Prep and Prep School have to offer between 9:30am - 12noon at our open morning.

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Open events

Open Mornings are held regularly throughout the year. 

Parents are given the opportunity to chat with the Headmaster, members of the Senior Management Team and staff. If you are viewing the Nursery and Pre-Prep, you will be given a tour by our Head of Pre-Prep or a member of her staff. Parents and children interested in the Prep Department will be given tours by senior pupils who will show you the school in operation. 

Our next Open Mornings for Nursery, Pre-Prep and the Prep School are:

Friday 7 and Saturday 8 February 2020, 9.30am to 12 noon

Friday 24 and Saturday 25 April 2020, 9.30am to 12 noon

If you would like to attend an Open Morning, please click here to complete the Open Morning Registration Form or contact the Registrar on 01323 744820 or by email at: 

Individual visits

The Headmaster is always happy to meet with prospective parents and children. Individual appointments can be arranged throughout the academic year. Parents meet with the Head and he, or the Head of Pre-Prep or the Registrar, will then lead a personal tour of the school. It is an excellent opportunity to see children and staff going about their normal school routines. Some parents bring their children with them while others prefer to make the first visit on their own and return with their children at a later date. Visits can be arranged by contacting the Registrar on 01323 744820 or by email at:

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Taster days

We encourage parents to arrange taster days for their children. Children experience a full day in the classroom and sample a typical lunch at St Andrew’s Prep. Some children will benefit from more than one taster day prior to entry to ensure a smooth transition and we are very happy to support this.

Taster days offer children the opportunity to get to know pupils in their year group and experience a normal school day. We are very flexible and your child is invited to come on a day when their favourite lesson is on the timetable, whether it be science, sport, music, art or drama.

On the day, your child will be allocated a ‘buddy’ (which often expands to two or three buddies!). Your child’s buddy will stay with them all day, playing with them during break times and guiding them between lessons around the school. Taster day buddies can become the first of many life-long friends your child will make once they join us.

Children may attend taster days in the Pre-Prep and Prep departments at any point during the school year.  We also offer taster sessions to children aged 9 months to 4 years old for the Nursery. The sessions give children the opportunity to get to know the staff and other children and explore some of the activities and specialist lessons on offer, while accessing some areas of the Foundation Stage Curriculum. Parents may stay with their child during these taster sessions until they feel their child has settled in. Prior to a child joining the Nursery, we offer two 2-hour settling in periods, free of charge, to ensure children feel safe and secure.

For more information about arranging taster and settling-in sessions, please contact the Registrar who can help choose a day that would most suit you and your child on 01323 744820 or by email at:

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