A School Day

Busy, purposeful days

The school runs an early morning drop-off system which allows for Pre-Prep children to be brought to the main school library from 7.30am. The children are then escorted to the Pre-Prep by a member of staff for registration. Of course, parents are welcome to bring their children straight to the classroom for registration which takes place between 8.00am and 8.35am.  Those children arriving by minibus are dropped off at the entrance and accompanied in by staff.

st andrews prep pre-prep forest school

On arrival, a range of activities awaits the children from reading to handwriting and number challenges.  Following registration, the children go up to the Close Hall for assembly on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. On Wednesdays the Nursery children join Reception for a special Early Years assembly and Years 1 and 2 join the Juniors for a short Chapel service. On Thursdays during assembly time the Pre-Prep School Council meet with representatives from each class to discuss concerns and share ideas for making the school even better.

Morning lessons

Lessons begin at 9am until 12 with usually a mix of Maths and English at the start of the day, followed by Science, Forest School and specialist lessons such as swimming, PE, games and music throughout the week. There is a mid-morning break at 10.15am where the children make use of our vast field and have the opportunity to enjoy snacks such as fresh fruit and bread sticks with a choice of milk or water.

Lunch is freshly prepared on site with a wide ranging menu. The children eat in the dining room with their friends while the older children are still busy working in their classrooms. At 1pm the children go out again for their lunchtime play.

Afternoon lessons

The afternoon session is from 1.30pm to 3.30pm. Children who are not staying for clubs are picked up from their classroom by their parents – despite the busy, action packed day, some display a surprising abundance of energy which they then burn off on the field and climbing area, particularly in the summer months.

Although Pre-Prep finishes at 3.30pm, there is an exciting array of after school activities for those children who wish to stay on. Activities include tennis, gym, ballet, Maypole dancing, Rainbows, ball games and music clubs as well as the ever popular Busy Butterflies where children enjoy a huge selection of art and craft activities, storytelling and puppet workshops as well as the opportunity to use our state of the art IT suite. From 4.30pm those who are staying at school until 6pm are taken over to the Nursery for a hot tea time meal before they are collected.