Creative and Performing Arts

The thrill of working and performing together

Success for our pupils can appear in many forms here at St Andrew’s Prep.   

Opportunities for artistic expression abound in our Creative and Performing Arts programme including Art, DTI (Design, Technology & Innovation), Dance, Drama, Music and Performing Arts. The Performing Arts is a focus for all at St Andrew’s – giving pupils an opportunity to excel in combining the various disciplines. We have an incredibly strong musical theatre programme with specialist training in musical theatre and the opportunity to take nationally recognised grade exams in dance and musical theatre. 

The Cultural Curriculum encourages our pupils to be inventive, resourceful and imaginative and it plays a central role in providing our pupils with rewarding opportunities.  

Timetabled lessons occur throughout the week, but pupils may also choose these subjects as part of their extra-curricular programme, allowing them to extend their knowledge and nurture their interests. 

St Andrew’s pupils develop an understanding and enjoyment of the arts whether it be by taking a lead role on stage, dancing as part of a troupe or helping behind the scenes in one of our many productions; singing individually or as a member of one of our four choirs; attending a one-to-one music lesson or participating in one of several ensembles; the list goes on… We offer a range of opportunities to ensure there is something that appeals to everyone.