Locally sourced, freshly prepared and nourishing

Meals and snacks at St Andrew’s Prep are cooked on-site by our award-winning caterers, Holroyd Howe.

Every lunch offers a wide choice of main courses including vegan, vegetarian, non-vegetarian, pasta, jacket potatoes, a diverse salad bar and daily fresh fruit, yoghurt and pudding. The children have snacks at break times and will have a snack tea if they are staying on for after-school activities. Nursery children enjoy the same menu taken to their own dining area though the oldest Nursery classes are introduced to eating in the main dining room.

St Andrew’s Prep and Holroyd Howe fully understand the priorities of parents when it comes to providing children nutritious, healthy food. Holroyd Howe itself is a carbon-neutral company, advocating the use of local suppliers, sustainable fishing, growing our school’s own herbs and recycling as much waste as possible. Local suppliers are key to maintaining fresh, healthy menu choices while also achieving full traceability from farm to fork.

Pupils have input into choices in the kitchen through the school’s Food Committee and are exposed to nutrition advice and the importance of a balanced diet through workshops and speakers.

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HIGH quality suppliers

Over 80 percent of our fresh fruit and vegetables are grown on English farms. Wherever possible we use seasonal, locally grown produce which maximizes freshness, taste and helps reduce our carbon footprint.

Milk is supplied by Sussex & Surrey Dairies, established in the early 1980s and aspiring to produce the finest milk and dairy produce in a professional manner. Eggs come from Staveley Farm in Lancashire and are Free Range. All the meat served at St Andrew’s is British reared with as much as possible locally sourced and farm approved.

'Pupils benefit from healthy, nutritious meals.'
ISI Inspection Report May 2015

Allergy Policy and Procedure

At St Andrews Prep new pupils complete an allergy/intolerance notification form. We use this to identify the individual through the use of Holroyd Howe’s ‘Think of Me’ boards. These state the child’s name, picture and allergy/intolerance and copies are displayed in the school’s front office, staff common room, kitchen, catering office and Matron’s office.

We prepare, cook and plate up foods within a controlled environment using our knowledge to apply specific procedures, ensure we use utensils and equipment correctly and individually plate food for those who suffer with more severe allergies. Before any meal, we also carry out a pre-service allergy check using a document to write down the food items produced to identify the allergies present, thus enabling staff to answer correctly any questions asked about a certain dish. Information is also displayed along with a daily menu to highlight potential food allergies.