From Nursery to Pre-Prep

A seamless transition

The transition from Nursery into Reception and beyond is a very smooth one.

Children in their final year in Nursery benefit greatly from being in the same building as our Reception children thus providing excellent connections and continuity for the Early Years Foundation Stage. These children have the opportunity to join the Pre-Prep for assemblies every week. They also take part in a number of concerts, events and themed weeks including Arts Week, Maths Week and Science Week.   Nursery children also join Pre-Prep children for a number of activity days, for example, Forest School sessions, and are familiar with a number of the Pre-Prep facilities including the library and the ICT suite.

By the time a child’s Reception year commences they have already built close relationships with their peer group and with their new teachers, making that final transition into Pre-Prep seamless.

Those who join us in the Nursery are well prepared for the education that we offer in the Pre-Prep department or for an education that is offered in other schools. 


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In their final nursery year, children join the Pre-Prep for assemblies every week.