Our Pre-Prep education has been structured to ensure that when children move to the Prep School they have the confidence and independence necessary to take on the exciting challenges offered there.

st andrews prep pre-prep academic field


Throughout their time in the Pre-Prep children are set appropriate yet challenging and stimulating work which is carefully delivered, monitored and appraised to ensure that each child makes the most of the many and varied learning opportunities available to them.

Pre-Prep teaching is traditional in the sense that we expect high standards and ask children to do their best. Much of the emphasis is on developing literacy, numeracy and writing, but there is also plenty of scope for art, design technology, music, dance, sport and drama. Timetabled alongside the usual academic lessons are specialist lessons; taught by qualified teachers, these include French, Music, Sport, Swimming and Dance.


Themed Weeks

Themed weeks are a strong feature in the broad curriculum offered at St Andrew’s. Each year Pre-Prep children enjoy a variety of fun-filled activities during our Science, Maths and Arts weeks. There is a strong spirit of co-operative involvement amongst the children and staff and the change of direction from the usual routine is a powerful and enjoyable educational tool.


Games and PE are an integral part of the curriculum and children are encouraged to improve their gross motor skills, co-ordination, skill level and confidence necessary for playing hockey, netball, rounders, football, rugby, gymnastics and tennis. Swimming is included within the curriculum with timetabled lessons every week in our indoor, heated pool.

Music is also an important part of the school curriculum and Pre-Prep children have two music lessons a week. In ICT children gain familiarity with the computer keyboard and are encouraged to develop simple programming skills. French is taught from Year 1 by a specialist teacher who uses games and music to help develop a love of foreign language.


School trips are another important part of the St Andrew’s curriculum. Through these, not only do children learn or encounter something with a specific focus, which is usually related to work they are undertaking in class, they also have the opportunity to experience different types of travel, particularly walking! 

Pre-Prep trips include visits to the Blue Reef Aquarium in Hastings, the Seven Sisters Country Park, Lewes Castle, Wilderness Woods and the Eastbourne War Memorial.

The costs of these school trips are included in the fees.