Organisational Structure

St Andrew’s Prep and Eastbourne College operate as two separate schools within one Charity. 

Organisational Structure – The Charity has one governing body and the two schools (St Andrew’s Prep & Eastbourne College) operate independently, each with its own head responsible to the governors.  The governors serve both as directors and trustees of the charitable company. As a board they are responsible for the overall strategy of the Charity and they have statutory responsibility for key aspects of compliance including safeguarding and health and safety. In order to fulfil these responsibilities, they delegate day to day management to the two headmasters and their senior management teams.  They seek to ensure, for all who have an interest in the Charity, the maintenance of the distinctive ethos of both schools, and the delivery of its charitable objectives for today’s pupils.

Governors come from a wide range of backgrounds, including business, education and the professions, and all are deeply committed to the schools’ continuing success.  Some are parents of current pupils and some are former pupils themselves. All are regular visitors to both schools, meeting staff and pupils.

If you would like to write to the Chairman of Governors or another governor, please address your correspondence to:

The Clerk to the Board of Governors
Eastbourne College
Marlborough House
Old Wish Road
East Sussex
BN21 4JY


The Eastbourne College Incorporated Annual Report and Financial Statements year ending 31 August 2022

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