Why Us?

A key strength of the nursery is the use of well-planned arrangements that help to assist children who are moving between rooms.  As a result, children are emotionally ready and are seamlessly integrated on to the next stage.” (Ofsted Inspection Report January 2023)

At St Andrew’s Prep Nursery, we offer children a wide variety of learning experiences and they quickly begin to develop spiritually, morally, culturally and socially whilst enhancing their creative talents. It is through living and working in a positive and creative atmosphere that children learn to feel secure in themselves and their surroundings.

We encourage children to be resourceful and resilient, as well as to be mindful, respectful and kind.

At its heart, the Nursery staff foster a Growth Mindset in every child. Nursery staff are keen to support this in all areas of the children’s development. A central character, Super Andro Bear, leads the way to underpinning these Learning Powers: 

Adaptability                      Ambition

Collaboration                   Creativity

Curiosity                            Initiative

Reflectiveness                  Resilience  

Teddy pic

Staff encourage the children to challenge themselves and to improve every day. Alongside this, Super Andro demonstrates the Androvian moral code:

Honesty                            Kindness

Respect                            Gratitude


Staff help children to acquire a sense of morality that encourages self-confidence and independence in the children with the firm belief that, by the time they leave the department, they will have acquired an enthusiasm for learning, gained awareness of the needs of those around them and developed an ability to interact with others and make friends.


'Pupil's attainment is outstanding. Pupils, including EYFS children, make excellent progress overall'.
ISI Inspection Report June 2021

Exceptional OFFERING, LOCATION AND facilities

Open 50 weeks a year from 8.00am to 6.00pm, the Nursery provides a superb wrap-around care service. Timetable-based sessions run for 34 weeks of the year and we offer a holiday club for 16 weeks. Children may join at any time during the academic year, making starting easy and flexible.

Set within the 12 acre site of St Andrew’s Prep, specialist staff have the joy of teaching the Nursery children several areas of the curriculum using the wider school’s facilities, including the Sports Hall, large sports’ field with outdoor tennis courts, drama studio, music block and a dedicated dance studio. They also take advantage of the well-hidden and quite beautiful Woodland Classroom.

The Nursery has the great privilege of direct access to areas of outstanding natural beauty, with the Sussex Downs on our doorstep, local beaches and our very own Woodland Classroom and we take full advantage of these throughout the year.

Being housed in the same building as the Reception class, Pre-School children join forces with the Reception children for many exciting activities throughout the year. This prepares the children for a seamless transition on the next step of their education, whether it be here at St Andrew’s Pre-Prep or at another school.


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