Inspection Reports

An integrated inspection by the ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) took place at the school in May 2015. In summary, in every aspect of the report, the school received the highest possible rating of ‘excellent’ with the EYFS setting (the Nursery and Reception) receiving the ‘outstanding’ rating that can be applied to such a setting only.

In addition, in February 2018, an ISI Compliance Inspection which included specific scrutiny of the EYFS (aged 0-2 year olds) was conducted.  All compliance standards were met and, for the third consecutive occasion, our EYFS inspection was given the highest possible grading of “outstanding” in each of the five areas.

Please read both reports below.

Feb 2018 ISI Compliance and Early Years (0-2) Inspection Report 
Mar 2015 ISI Inspection Report


'The early years provision is outstanding in meeting the needs of the range of children who attend.'