Inspection Reports


An Integrated Regulatory Compliance and Educational Quality Inspection by the ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) took place at St Andrew’s Prep in June 2021.

In summary, the school met all of the standards in the Regulatory Compliance Inspection and we achieved the top grading of ‘Excellent’ in the two key outcomes of the Educational Quality Inspection. 

Please read our most recent ISI Inspection report below.

June 2021 Regulatory Compliance and Educational Quality ISI Inspection Report

Previous ISI Inspection Reports

Feb 2018 ISI Compliance and Early Years (0-2) Inspection Report 
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'Pupils’ attitudes towards learning and achievement are outstanding; these attitudes owe much to teaching that is often highly enthusiastic and staff who speak to pupils in a way that shows they value the pupils’ ideas and achievements.'
ISI Inspection, June 2021