Aims and Values

Breadth, Excellence and Integrity

The primary aim of St Andrew’s Prep is to equip the children to lead happy, fulfilled lives in a safe and healthy environment. We offer a broad education that provides opportunities for every pupil in all aspects of school life: academic, sport, performing and creative arts and social.

We strive for a culture of acknowledgement rather than judgement, in which each child is valued for what he or she can offer. By treating children as individuals with particular needs, interests and strengths, not only do the pupils gain personal success but they learn to be open, honest, reflective and willing to give things a go without the fear of failure.

We value our heritage through our House system, our chapel, our uniform and our Old Androvian Society but we are not afraid of change and we grasp new opportunities. St Andrew’s is a proper ‘prep’ school; we prepare children for life at senior school and actively promote choice at 13 so that each child can enter the senior school that is best for them.



At St Andrew’s Prep we work with the parents to develop pupils of strong character who are confident but not arrogant; pupils who are comfortable with formality and informality; who celebrate the successes of others as well as being proud of their own achievements; and who are ready to extend courtesy and kindness to those about them.

Staff recently worked with the Prep School Council of pupils to discuss the traits needed to produce such morally aware characters and, together, we chose the following as values for all Androvians to possess

  • Honesty
  • Kindness
  • Respect
  • Gratitude
  • Courage

These values are promoted through our rewards and sanctions policies, assemblies, Chapel services, PSHE (Personal Social Health and Economic Education), our Mind Matters programme and, most importantly, the human relationships and partnerships that are nurtured between the children, staff and parents.


Pupils demonstrate strong self-awareness in very thoughtful and detailed self-reflection about their own progress, strengths and areas for development.


Alongside a strong moral code, we strive to equip our pupils with the intellectual character to be effective thinkers and learners.  Our approach is to embed the principles of  ‘Growth Mindset’ so that every individual sees their intelligence as something which will grow through the adoption of the correct attitude, skills, knowledge and values.

From the earliest stages of learning, pupils are encouraged to recognise the requirements needed to tackle certain tasks. This will ensure they understand the processes as well as the outcomes. Curriculum tasks are set to develop the following intellectual character traits in all Androvians:

Adaptability                      Ambition

Collaboration                   Creativity

Curiosity                            Initiative

Reflectiveness                  Resilience  

Children have the chance to discover their own strengths and passions, to make mistakes in safety, to show ambition and take risks. We allow our children to be children but a ‘growth mindset’ approach prepares them for the realities of the world beyond the school. Androvians are encouraged to take responsibility from an early age and the broader St Andrew’s Prep community of children, parents and teachers provides the context from which our children learn about their responsibility for the wider world.

Our children leave us with an education in the true sense of the word. Their broad academic grounding is the perfect foundation from which to specialise at senior school and the range of sports and non-academic pursuits provides the counterbalance.