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St Andrew’s Prep inspires modern minds

We aim to prepare our children for this fast-changing world by giving them lifelong-learning skills alongside leadership, enterprise and teamwork opportunities.

We try to stimulate the imagination, creativity and inventiveness of every pupil while equipping them with the essential qualities of self-discipline, resilience, honesty, kindness and compassion.

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Yesterday, all new starters in Years 3 and 4 had squash and biscuits with the Headmaster in his study to talk about how they had found their first couple of weeks. When they were asked about their favourite things at St Andrew’s Prep, sport, the wide variety of activities available (such as Beach School and Piglet’s Pantry) and the tasty food were amongst the most popular answers. Many also said they were really enjoying their academic lessons too, especially Maths and English.

Even the Greats experience pressure

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Pressure: it does funny things to people. Just ask Alastair Cook. For several years now he has carried the...
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