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We aim to prepare our children for this fast-changing world by giving them lifelong-learning skills alongside leadership, enterprise and teamwork opportunities.

We try to stimulate the imagination, creativity and inventiveness of every pupil while equipping them with the essential qualities of self-discipline, resilience, honesty, kindness and compassion.

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During Mind Matters sessions yesterday, pupils from Year 5-8 discussed the subjects of bullying and kindness. Various suggestions were put forward by the pupils on how to make the school the kindest of places! Some of the more practical ideas were based around the Dining Hall and the play-ground, for example asking those sitting or playing by themselves to join in. The idea of sharing was mentioned, as was paying compliments to others. The theme throughout the day, and the week, tying in with #antibullyingweek, has been ‘Choose Respect’.

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Captain Peter H. Broughton-Adderley was an Old Androvian who fell at the Battle of the Selle on 16 October...
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