AI in Medicine – a fascinating Friday Lecture

Last week, Shahram Kashani, a current St Andrew’s Prep parent and consultant ophthalmic surgeon at Eastbourne District General Hospital, delivered a fascinating Friday Lecture talking about the use of artificial intelligence in medicine. He gave examples of where we already come across the use of Artificial Intelligence such as in the development of driverless cars and in the design of a computer which could win a chess match against a grand master. He went on to talk about how computers can be used to condense patient records into a more accessible format as well as ways in which computers could be used for performing operations.

In many fields, computer programmes are being designed which are better at diagnosing conditions than human beings and they can often be used to speed up the diagnosis of such serious conditions as cancer. Thank you Mr Kashani for a thought-provoking lecture. #AI #artificialintelligence #technology #tech #medicine #dgh

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