Another terrific nativity season

Year 1’s Prickly Hay Nativity

There are just two weeks to go until Christmas is upon us and our pupils have been telling the story of the birth of Jesus in a number of catchy ways. From Prickly Hay by Year 1, I Spy Christmas by Nursery and Year 2’s Christmas with the Aliens and not forgetting Reception’s A Noisy Nativity and the Juniors Department’s wonderful  performance of Lights, Camel, Action the children have sparkled on stage. There were some snappy tunes, superb singing, memorable dancing and brilliant line delivery all executed with very happy, smiley faces. It was a feast for the eyes and ears.

Well done to the pupils and thank you to our outstanding music department, to the children’s teachers and our wardrobe department for some terrific gowns, wings, crowns and obligatory donkey outfits.

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Reception’s Noisy Nativity