General Election comes to St Andrew’s Prep

St Andrew’s Prep, Eastbourne is all about  promoting democratic processes and its pupils have been getting involved in politics by staging its own (albeit mock) General Election today as the country goes to the polls.

Four St Andrew’s Prep pupils, backed by their own Campaign Managers, were drawn to represent UK political parties including Brexit, Conservative, Labour and the Liberal Democrat. The candidates presented their policy statements in front of the school this morning and tried to establish themselves as the voice of the school and their party by developing strategies to satisfy the country as well as the pupils needs and wants across the year groups. Voting amongst the pupil body is taking place now.

The election organiser and Deputy Head Academic, Paul Shouksmith, said, “The candidates statements were superbly crafted and delivered. They have all worked hard to establish a following and I anticipate the result being a close run thing. It is important that pupils understand the election process and have some degree of knowledge about the parties involved. This is a real chance to catch their interest in politics early.”

Interestingly, the result did not reflect that of the actual General Election. Very well done to all those who took part. 

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