Masterclasses by young Old Androvians

old androvians masterclass eastbourne college1Our Year 5 children welcomed into their classrooms sixth former St Andrew’s pupils who are all Lower Sixth academic scholars at Eastbourne College and who, between them, have secured over 60 A*s or equivalent levels at GCSE. 

While Ashraf, Chloe, Henry and Joseph worked on the theme of diseases in the biology lab, Sophie taught that poetry doesn’t necessarily need to make sense using Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky and the game Bananagram as her tools, and Shaumya enthused the children with the Greek alphabet.

The St Andrew’s Prep pupils were really inspired by their new ‘teachers’ for the afternoon with one commenting, “That was such fun. I’d love to come back to St Andrew’s and teach here one day and, I know it sounds weird, but I really enjoyed learning about diseases.”  

Henry, who is sitting chemistry, mathematics and physics at A Level, said, “It’s so nice to have had the opportunity to come back to St Andrew’s. It feels exactly the same and still oozes happiness and sunshine. It’s a very special school.”

Shaumya, who like Ashraf is applying to read medicine next year, said, “Between us we’ve project managed, used various teaching methods including games and online research, imparted our knowledge and, most of all, had fun with these great kids who seem really eager to learn. This has been a fantastic experience.”

old androvians masterclass eastbourne college

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