Forest School

Hands on learning outside the classroom

Being outdoors is hugely important in maintaining children’s physical and mental health and St Andrew’s Prep is privileged to have its own Forest School, located opposite the main school site. Outdoor learning is extremely beneficial for the children; it improves co-operation and communication skills and enhances their awareness of others and the natural world surrounding them. Activities in Forest school are widely recognised to increase pupils’ self-confidence and self-esteem.

Each week the Pre-Prep children spend an entire morning or afternoon in Forest School where the activities set allow the children to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Learning through experience the children discover how to manage and minimise risk.The Forest School curriculum expands and enhances classroom work in ways that are not possible indoors. The children also learn specific forestry skills, including how to tie a variety of knots; observing and interacting with nature; using different tools and fire building. These experiences increase the children’s motivation and the Pre-Prep teachers find the children gain a good, positive attitude towards learning.

'The curriculum includes opportunities to make excellent use of the local beach and the school's own woodland area to enhance areas of learning."