Summer Term Week 6

Despite this wet and windy week, the children have been as bubbly and enthusiastic as ever. They started the week by learning about one of the Fundamental British Values, namely democracy. They learned how they actually apply this nearly every day in school. Whether it be voting for a representative on the School Council at the beginning of each term or discussing which book they would like to read at story time at the end of the day. They were amazed to realise that their opinions do actually matter and that the views put forward at the School Council do indeed affect change. For example, the children asked to have ice-creams for pudding from time to time and it happened. They have asked for their Privilege Time to be co-ordinated so they can see their friends in different year groups (same bubble) and this has happened. They learned that working together and listening to each other really works.
Year 2 had the most wonderful day on Thursday visiting Lewes castle. The children had a private tour of the castle, they viewed artefacts and used their acting skills to create a piece of drama. They felt very lucky as they were the first school to visit this wonderful historical site since lockdown. The children had a lovely time and gained a huge amount from the experience.
Year 2 trip to Lewes Castle
In Year 1, the children have enjoyed working with their new book, The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. They have completed some wonderful work related to the text, from paintings to writing about the characters’ feelings and then making the perfect seagull deterrent sandwich, which certainly didn’t sound too tasty at all! They had a treat with Mrs Garrett finishing off the story of the Magic Finger and reading some poetry. The children have looked at prefixes this week adding ‘un’ to a word so that it makes the word an opposite.
Reception class - subtraction activities
The Reception children busily completed super independent alien-related descriptive writing. They worked in the diagraph ‘oy’ and were introduced to the first trigraph: ‘igh’. They have been warming up for next week by having a mathematical minded week. They learnt the song Mister Double Trouble to help with doubling facts. They have also been working out subtraction of a single digit from 10. The Kingfisher children examined a honeycomb from a beehive
This week the Kingfisher class have been exploring bees and honey. During a conversation about insects a child said, ‘My Grandad has a beehive’. This opened up a wider discussion about what bees do: ‘They need blossom’ said one. Another child knew that ‘bees die when they sting you’. They were very lucky to be able to explore the inside of a beehive and the children were able to see the honeycomb that had been made. Meanwhile in Chaffinch the talk was all about ‘people who help us’. The children looked at different people and services that help to look after us. ‘I love firefighters because they go up long ladders and put out fires’ said one child.  Another said, ‘rescue people take them to hospital and give them medicine’. The children were very engaged.
The Nightingale class children have been working on emotions and how they may feel at different times. They used wooden emotion spoons to help with this. The children chose a spoon and spoke about what can make them sad, happy or cross. ‘Ghosts make me sad’ said one child. Another answered ‘My blanket makes me happy.’ The children have also explored colours by mixing the different colours together: ‘Looks like sausage pasta!’ they exclaimed after they had made the paints turn brown!
This week in the Robin class the children have enjoyed exploring water play. They created a car wash in the garden with bubbly water and cloths; this was extended to the tyres and the rest of the Nursery garden. They also enjoyed some free painting with shaped sponges and they then painted our feet. Staff have noticed all of the children have become much more interested in playing with each other; they have witnessed lots of hand holding, which has been lovely to observe.
The Sparrow children had great fun this week with water play. The animals from the zoo had a lovely bath with balls and lot of bubbles and the children helped them to be clean using their hands and washing up liquid.

Armelle Wilkinson

Head of Pre-Prep and Nursery