Spring Term: Week 10

Forest school Week 10 bulletin

It seems only yesterday we were talking about welcoming in the New Year and discussing New Year’s resolutions and here we are at the end of the Spring term already! This week the children learned all about the Easter story and how Easter is celebrated in different countries around the world.. 

The Year 2 children worked on the theme throughout the week. They created beautiful Easter cards, based on an observational drawing of a daffodil and then used watercolours to decorate them. And oh my goodness, they loved their Easter egg hunt. In History, they finished their topic about explorers and there were many questions flying around the classroom about Neil Armstrong and his expedition to the moon.

Year 1 started their week by showing each other pictures of their science homework. They continued with their science theme enjoying a crisp tasting activity and collated data about their favourite flavours. They spent much of the week looking ahead to the special treat that they were to have in Forest School but they still managed to focus well on their Easter-themed activities; baking and writing cards in their best handwriting.

 The Reception class’s story of the week was Jack and the Beanstalk, and they enjoyed several different versions of the story. They then followed visual instructions to plant a bean of their own and drew story maps. Their Easter theme included an Easter egg hunt and they too made chocolate Easter nests with mini eggs in them.

 The Chaffinch and Kingfisher children have re-visited bean planting. They really enjoyed listening to the Jack and the Beanstalk story again and they are very excited about how well their beans will grow over the Easter break. Planting and nurturing the growth of their own bean gives the children the opportunity to talk about some of the things that they observe and also gives them the chance to understand how their bean develops and grows over time. Some of the children decided to estimate how high they thought their beanstalks would grow and they stacked up the hollow tubes to the anticipated height of their beanstalks. The children also made chocolate Easter nests during their Cheeky Chefs session taking turns to crush and mix the shredded wheat with the melted chocolate and syrup. Counting and sharing out the smarties to decorate their nests caused plenty of excitement!

 In Forest School this week, the Nightingale children decided on their own role play, recreating We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and nominating a child to be the bear while all the other children ran and hid from it. They narrated the book as they played and thoroughly enjoyed their creative and imaginative play.

The Robin class have been working hard on developing their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination this week, creating  some beautiful paintings. They also learned the benefits of team work.

The Sparrow children have been practising their listening skills. Following on from World Book Day, the children are being encouraged to listen to stories from a variety of books but it seems their current favourite books have animal themes because the children enjoy adding the animal sound effects. The children have also been singing a lot of nursery rhymes and making music with different instruments including drums and shakers.

So, a hugely busy week in a hugely busy term topped off with a magical visit for the Pre-Prep children to Forest School where the children toasted hot cross buns over the fire.

Well done one and all. I wish you all a restful and happy Easter. See you next term.