Summer Term: Week 10

Our week started with a special treat from Mrs Garett who came to read the story of George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

We were delighted to be able to hold our Sports Days for the Nursery and Pre-Prep. All the children participated enthusiastically and it was lovely to see them cheering each other on. The concert between the sports days was wonderful and I am sure you will enjoy watching it with your child. The link to view it will follow shortly.
The Year 2 children displayed team work this week. They loved visiting the ‘mountain tiger den’ (as they named it) at the top of the field where they created dens and camps and showed showed creativity and collaboration making these magical relaxing spaces. They loved practising for their Sports Day races and the chants. The team spirit of St Andrew’s Pre-Prep in its full glory!

Year 1 have been bringing in pirate themed stories for the class to share and Mrs Bates and Mrs Reed have enjoyed reading them with the children. We’ve been working on time in Maths; and we always find time for a loop game! House chants have been echoing through the Close Building which have been sung with gusto in class in preparation for Sports Day. 

Reception had a wonderful time at Blackberry farm on Tuesday. They fed and stroked the animals and enjoyed a bumpy tractor ride. The play area was a big hit with lots of opportunities for physical development activities – climbing, peddling go-carts, bouncing on a giant pillow and holding on the zip wire! They all had a fun day and, of course, Sports Day was a big hit. 
Chaffinch class has made ‘under the sea’ collages, exploring the different kinds of sea creatures that live there. They named and talked about the pictures, as they carefully cut them out. One child said that their favourite creature was the shark and said “He eats little fish and they swim away!” When asked to name the ones that they recognised, another child said “Turtle, octopus, jellyfish and crab!” While another child demonstrated their knowledge of the turtle and said, “The turtle crawls on the sand to get in the water”.

The Kingfisher class has continued to enjoy working on their ‘holidays’ topic and has carefully filled in the details on their passports, in preparation for their holiday to their chosen destinations! In Cheeky Chefs this week the children made some delicious choc chip fairy cakes demonstrating their developing knowledge and understanding of the process involved. When asked what the ingredients were and one child replied, “Butter, sugar, flour”. When the butter was scooped out and put in the mixing bowl, a child showed fantastic imagination and said it looked like “a dragon’s mountain!” In circle time the Chaffinch children looked at ‘The Under the Sea Adventure’ book and talked about different sea creatures. One child told us that he had met a stingray in Africa and he was friendly!
The children in the Nightingale class have been keen to practise their cutting skills. The made lots of snips and stuck down their cuttings and made wonderful creations. The children also experimented making ‘slime’. The absolutely loved this, exploring the texture of the flour and colours used.
The Robin children are continuing to practise their independence, ready for moving up next term. They have shown an interest in tower building and have been developing their social skills as they worked together to build them out of blocks, counting as they build. But they enjoyed knocking them down more! The children also worked on developing their fine motor skills and practised using craft tools – gluing tissue paper with Miss Lydia, our fabulous new assistant in the Robin class. Later on in the week, they also practised their gross motor skills, as the children tipped the tuff spot to see what marks balls, dipped in paint, made on paper. Spectacular results!
Sparrow classroom has mostly played indoors this week owing to the weather and played with a recycled house made from a cardboard box. They have also been practising their listening skills sitting down at story time displaying that most of them are ready to move up to Robin class very soon.