Summer Term: Week 2

What a super week we have had. The children have certainly made the most of this lovely sunshine. The week started with an assembly about the importance of honesty and telling the truth. It was lovely to see they all got the correct answers for the different scenarios they were given.

Before reading about the good work completed by the different classes, a quick reminder that next Wednesday 28 April is Superhero Day. All superheroes will be welcome, whether a cartoon character, firefighter or NHS worker. It promises to be an exciting day.

Year 2's castles display

The topic on castles in Year 2 is inspiring the children to ask really interesting historical questions. Mrs Tomsett has been so impressed with the children’s engagement and enthusiasm. The children completed observational drawings of castles and these make a wonderful display in their classroom. The children used tea as paint and it created a wonderful stone effect. In Forest School this week the children worked carefully and diligently when using bow saws for the first time. They cut thick branches, it was very exciting!

Year 1 started the week by being democratic and casting their votes to elect their School Council Reps for the summer term. The scores are in and we would like to congratulate Max Milligan and Anna Rayner. In English, the children have been using fantastic adjectives to describe different sea creatures. They worked collaboratively to contribute to a wonderful Commotion in the Ocean display. In maths, the children showed great ambition as they added 10 to any number.

The Reception class have continued with the theme of Space. They read the story Whatever Next and made galactic rock cakes – very tasty. Mrs Tarrant used a very creative way of teaching the children about money which involved a beautiful box and some delicious ‘Hotel Chocolat’!

In Kingfisher class, Gray and Elena made The Hungry Caterpillar

The Chaffinch and Kingfisher classes have had lots of fun making their Hungry Caterpillars. They chose their colours: ‘I want a rainbow caterpillar’ said one child;  ‘My caterpillar has camouflage,’ said another who had used brown to paint his caterpillar! ‘It looks like soil.’ he continued. The children also focused on counting and subitising using the fruit that the caterpillar ate every day. They knew the quantity of each fruit without counting it out and were able to correct themselves. The Kingfisher class were so good at remembering the story that they were able to repeat it back and sequence the actions in the correct order without Mrs Marshall saying anything at all. Great work.

Nightingale - Lucia, Rosie and Alex made patterns with modelling clay

The Nightingale class has been modelling clay with pasta twists, shells and sticks in their sensory tray. Using their imagination, the children made lollipops with the clay and sticks. ‘Yum, I have made a strawberry lollipop,’ said one child. Another added ‘I like orange flavour.’ In Forest School one of the children found the shell of a ladybird and showed it to their friends and teachers before counting the spots on the shell.

The Robin children have been having fun in the sun with the sand; scooping and pouring it, using buckets to make sandcastles. They then transformed their creation into a ‘Dinosaur World’. This type of work helps them develop their hand-eye co-ordination.  

Sparrow - David and Hugo at building time

The Sparrow children have been focusing on construction activities. They have been building with different materials such as stickle bricks and wooden blocks which helps them to develop their motor skills, curiosity and imagination.