Summer Term: Week 3

It was a super week of celebration this week in the Pre-Prep and Nursery. Wednesday was Superhero Day and the children came dressed in a multitude of costumes ranging from fictional characters to everyday heroes. The children learned that a hero is an ordinary person who helps others, even if it might be difficult for them. Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary. The children learned that animals can be heroes too, for example, a dog called Kahn alerted parents to the fact their baby had been bitten by a snake. Binta-Jua, a gorilla at a zoo in Chicago USA, saw a 3-year-old boy fall into her enclosure. She picked him up carefully and carried him to the doorway where paramedics took him to hospital.

The week ended with a trip to Beach School for Pre-Prep, where they created artwork related to the number 100, in remembrance of the first anniversary of Captain Sir Tom Moore’s 100th birthday. Thank you for the kind donations for the Captain Tom Foundation.  
Year 2 were very lucky to visit Mr and Mrs Jones’ garden on Tuesday, to draw bluebells and daffodils as part of their Forest School sketching project. They were blessed with the sunshine and the children thoroughly enjoyed relaxing and being with their friends. In geography they have been learning about the seasons, climate and animals in Kenya. The children were very excited about looking through Mrs Tomsett’s Kenyan safari animal photographs and they created beautiful oil pastel pieces.

Year 1 have had a very busy and exciting week with Superhero Day being a firm favourite. They were ambitious and wrote an identity report about their super powers and created their own passports. The made lovely city scenes with their superhero flying across the sky. On Friday morning they all enjoyed a morning at the beach with a cup of hot chocolate.

Reception have been learning about halving in maths. They have continued reading space stories and finding out space facts. Superhero Day was a great success and the children made superpower wrist cuffs. On Friday the children joined Year 1 and Year 2 to commemorate Captain Sir Tom’s anniversary on the beach by making a heart using 100 pebbles.

This week is Superhero Week and the Chaffinch and Kingfisher children have all been getting very excited about dressing up as their favourite character. On Wednesday they came in dressed in a variety of fantastic costumes and at circle time, they talked about what qualities a superhero has. The children gave some amazing answers to this and were all keen to talk about their character. When talking about Iron Man one child said, ‘He runs really fast and he can fight with the bad guys!’ Another child dressed as Iron Man said, ‘He can save the world’. A child dressed as Supergirl said that was her favourite superhero and that “Supergirl can fly”. Another child who was Supergirl said, ‘She can help people with super powers!’ We also had some children dressed as Hulk; one said, ‘I’m Hulk, he can knock down walls!’ and another added ‘He helps people’.  Children dressed as Spiderman said, ‘He can do spider webs and climb up houses’ and the other said, ‘He spins a web and catches a baddie!’. In Cheeky Chefs the Chaffinch and Kingfisher children made superstar hero biscuits with lots of yummy sprinkles and gold on top.
The Nightingale class children have been busy with many activities ranging from making structures using recycled materials, to going on a scavenger hunt in Forest School and waiting for safari animals to break through ice: ‘When will the ice break?’…’Yay I have broken the ice, the zebra is free!’
This week, in the Robin class, the children have been out and about. They enjoyed a walk to the big wheel on the seafront. This gave them a great opportunity to express themselves, exploring different language around new experiences. They have also shown a lot of interest in wheels and things that roll. They took this interest out onto the slope in the garden, as well as on cardboard tubes and tracks in the classroom.

The children in the Sparrow class have been busy doing sensory exploration. They discovered the amazing feeling of frozen jelly. They used sticks and their hands to break the jelly and mix it. This activity helped them to practise hand-eye coordination while they were having fun.


Armelle Wilkinson

Head of Pre-Prep and Nursery