Pupils to star on the big screen

St Andrew’s Prep pupils and brothers, Rory and Felix Ford, will shortly be starring in an action-packed family film entitled Adventure Boyz which is to be premiered at Cannes next month and will be showing at a cinema near you from July 2019. The film has been shot by Hollywood director and multi-award winner Howard J Ford, with his wife, Alicia, co-producing the film. Howard and Alicia also happen to be Rory and Felix’s parents! Shooting has taken place in a number of locations across Sussex including St Andrew’s Prep and Eastbourne College and a large number of the boys’ friends from St Andrew’s Prep will also appear in the film as extras.

adventure boyz st andrews prep rory felixThe theme of the film is ‘get off your devices and get out there!’ and this has garnered support from parents who are keen for their children to enjoy more ‘old school’ adventures; more blue health and less blue screen.

With an experienced supporting cast from films such as Harry Potter and replete with modern motion picture gadgetry, the film is a feast for the senses with a narrative to rival the digital device phenomenon that dominates modern societal head-space.

The brothers are a little bemused by their new found stardom and seem to be following the theme of their film, ie, more keen to be out on the football field than doing press for their film! Rory, aged 9 said, “It’s been fun for us to work with mum and dad and we’ve been to some amazing places and met some incredible people,” while Felix added, “it’s really cool that we’ve filmed some of this at St Andrew’s with our friends so that they can enjoy this too.”

Headmaster, Gareth Jones, said, “St Andrew’s Prep is thrilled to have been able to offer its location, its facilities and its pupils for this film which focusses on such a positive topic, one that I believe in, and we wish the Ford family great success “

Howard’s previous film, released by Sony Pictures, was a success on Netflix and Amazon Prime here in the UK. For more information about this film, click