St Andrew’s Prep champions of IAPS football tournament

In a thrilling display of skill and determination, the 1st team emerged as champions in the IAPs (Independent Association of Prep Schools) tournament. Their journey to victory was nothing short of remarkable, as they showcased excellence throughout the group stage, dominated the semi-final, and triumphed in a nail-biting penalty shootout against Brighton College in the final. The team’s stellar performance began in the group stage, where they consistently outperformed their opponents, displaying exceptional teamwork and individual brilliance. Their ability to control the game and create scoring opportunities set them apart as the team to beat in the tournament. In the semi-final, the 1st team continued their dominant run. They left no room for doubt, securing a convincing victory and booking their spot in the highly anticipated final. Their collective effort and dedication were on full display. The final proved to be an epic showdown, with the 1st team facing off against a formidable Brighton College side. After a hard-fought battle that ended in a draw, it all came down to a dramatic penalty shootout. The players held their nerves and displayed impeccable precision, ultimately prevailing against their opponents to secure the win. The team have now qualified for the national championships, well done!




Group Stage

vs Brambletye – lost 1-0

vs Cumnor House – won 3-0

vs Windlehsam – drew 2-2

vs Westbourne House – won 3-0

Semi Final

vs Bede’s – won 2-0


vs Brighton College – drew 0-0 (won 5-4 on penalties)