St Andrew’s Prep pupils’ ECO passion is instrumental in policy change

We are enormously proud of a number of our Eco-Committee representatives who have recently been instrumental in a policy change for a company in the home counties which will make a real difference to our environment.

A few weeks ago, children from the school’s pupil-led Eco Committee wrote individual letters to Badger Learning, a provider of teaching resources, to relay their concern at the company’s use of packaging that was not biodegradable.  

Recently, the company wrote back to say that they had taken the children’s letters very seriously and that they have now switched to wrapping their catalogues in an eco-friendly, biodegradable product which will break down naturally. The packaging can also be used to line a food waste bin or be home composted, where it will be broken down safely.

Badger Learning responded, “We were so happy that St Andrew’s Prep Eco-Committee contacted us. As a company we were also unhappy with the packaging our catalogues were sent out in. The Eco-Committee’s letters helped motivate us to seek out, and find, an eco-friendly alternative that will break down naturally.

 We know this is only a small step towards reducing overall plastic usage but we’re pleased to be moving in the right direction and are committed to doing more. Please do keep up your hard work and continue to put pressure on companies to change for the better!”

Headmaster, Gareth Jones said, “We are delighted that our children have contributed to making a positive impact on the environment. By asking companies to play their part in caring for our planet shows initiative and passion – something that our children have in abundance. And thank you to Badger Learning for listening. Our school is proud to hold the Eco Schools Silver Award for their participation in the Eco-Schools programme and hopes to achieve the Green Flag in the coming months.”

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