Superb Science Workshop at Eastbourne College

A number of our Year 6 pupils travelled down to Eastbourne College on Monday afternoon to take part in a Science workshop based around the theme of medicine, run by Mr Fellows, Dr Ball and Mr Kuchta. The first activity involved testing samples of urine (or apple juice mixed with iced tea!) with Benedict’s reagent to check the level of glucose to see which one represented a sample from someone who was diabetic. The pupils then moved on to designing a one way heart valve using a box and marble model so that the marbles would travel from one side of the box to the other through a valve but couldn’t flow back again the other way. Finally they looked at the ease with which germs can be spread around by a sneeze and the difference that putting a hand or tissue in front of their mouths made.

They were helped throughout by Old Androvian sixth formers Chloe Cox, Shaumya Kularajan, Ashraf Owasil, Joseph Shouksmith and Henry Turnbull.



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