What a Memorable St Andrew’s Prep Speech Day!

Held on a glorious afternoon at the Congress Theatre, this year’s St Andrew’s Prep speech day was a multi-faceted afternoon that launched the Eastbourne College Charity Blue Sky Bursary Appeal, bid farewell to outgoing Board of Governors Chair Philip Broadley, welcomed guest speaker James Shone, and celebrated the achievements of pupils from Years 5 to 8.

Philip Broadley opened the proceedings with heartfelt thanks to parents for their unwavering support of the school community. He then introduced the Blue Sky Bursary Appeal, aimed at raising funds to establish an endowment that will ensure the schools can continue providing quality education to young people from all walks of life. Nicky Eckert, a long-standing governor and former Chair of the St Andrew’s Prep Committee, will succeed Mr Broadley. Additionally, Vicky Henley was recognised for her dedicated service as she steps down as Chair of the St Andrew’s Prep Committee.

Headmaster Tom Gregory then took to the stage, providing an overview of the school’s numerous successes over the past year. He highlighted the children’s academic, sporting, creative, charitable, and philanthropic achievements. Gregory’s speech included a compelling analogy, comparing parents to driving instructors who help their children become confident, independent learners.

The event reached a high point with the introduction of the inspirational guest speaker, James Shone. A former teacher, Shone shared his powerful story of losing his sight and how it ended his teaching career but propelled him to find new ways to move forward by looking up, forward, and outwards. His light-hearted yet impactful approach resonated deeply with the audience.

The head boys and head girls for the year delivered outstanding speeches, each focusing on different aspects of school life, including academics, friendship, performing arts, sport and trips.

Congratulations to each and every one of our pupils for their achievements this year. Now, let’s enjoy the holidays!