Encouraging responsibility, instilling pride

All the children at St Andrew’s Prep are encouraged to be responsible right from Reception through to the oldest in Year 8. As the children move up the school they take on greater responsibilities.


The prefects model the highest standards of personal discipline, support younger pupils, help staff and organise events. New prefects are appointed each term.

Form Captains

Each form from Year 1 upwards has an elected form captain each term. Captains are voted for by the class in a closed ballot and the form teacher ‘adjudicates’. Form Captains are responsible for various administrative jobs and for representing their form on School Council.

House Captains

House Captains assist the House Leader in selecting entrants for house competitions and events and occasionally help with House assemblies. House Captains are appointed each term.

Head Boy and Head Girl

The Head Boy and Head Girl are appointed each term to help with various aspects of school life such as thanking visiting speakers or reading prayers in assembly and in representing the school at functions. This is a great honour and the children chosen carry out the role with pride.

Other Responsibilities

It is hoped that all children will have the opportunity of a position of responsibility as they move through the school. These include: Food Committee reps, School Council reps, representatives on the Boarders’ forum, Captains of Drama, Captains of Music, Captains of Sports teams, Eco Warriers, Boarding Prefects and Student Librarian.