House system

Building loyalty, fostering competition and giving responsibility

Through the house system we aim to nurture a sense of loyalty to a community of children that spans the age groups, to foster healthy competition and to provide opportunities for responsibility and leadership. Encouraging children to work for, and share in, a team’s accomplishments is at the heart of the house system.

The original St Andrew’s Prep house system was established in 1904 by E.L.B. (E. L. Browne, Headmaster from 1890 to 1933). He divided the children into ‘sets’ and those sets were named after the teachers who led them. Today we retain four of these original ‘sets’, or ‘houses’ as they are now more frequently called. All of the children from Reception upwards and all of the staff are members of a set.


The house with the greatest number of points receives the beautiful Challenge Cup, which dates from 1932.

The houses are called:

ARCOS after the school organist Mr S. J. Taylor A.R.C.O. (Associate of the Royal College of Organists). Today the house is led by Mrs Ewen-Firman.

ROVERS after Mr Franklin who was an Uppingham Rover (he played cricket for Uppingham Old Boys team). Today the house is led by Mrs Garbett.

SEA KINGS after Mr C. Kingdom. Today the house is led by Miss Lancefield.

VCs after Mr Vincent Conway. Today the house is led by Mrs Veitch.

Houses compete for various honours over the course of the year, including the collection of stars for good work, pluses for helpful behaviour, industry for effort, inter-house Music and Quiz competitions and, of course, through sports days, swimming galas, cross country and all of the team sports.

Results are announced in assemblies, in the weekly Bulletin newsletters and termly Prize Givings. Points are allocated for each honour won. The house that accumulates the greatest number of points each term receives the beautiful Challenge Cup which dates from 1932 with the house leader receiving a silver tankard dating from 1909. Each term the winning house receives a treat such as a trip to the cinema or bowling.