Fees and Registration

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The first part of the St Andrew’s Prep admissions process is to complete and return a registration form with a registration fee of £150. Receipt of a registration form reserves a place for your child subject to availability.  For convenience, registration can be completed online below and the fee paid electronically or the form can be printed off and sent back.  Registering a child does not constitute any parental commitment to taking up a place.  

Please complete our online registration form

One year before entry, parents will be asked to pay a deposit which ranges from £500 (for a nursery place) to £11,000 (for a boarding place for children whose parents are not resident in the UK). Receipt of a deposit secures the place for your child. Deposits are held until a child leaves the school and are credited to the final bill.

Basic fee scale

Basic tuition fees for the academic year 2024-25 are outlined below. All of the fees and supplemental charges are exclusive of any taxes, which will be added (where applicable).



Full boarding

Weekly boarding


£12,720 pa
(£4,240 per term)



Year 1 – 2

£13,035 pa
(£4,345 per term)



Year 3

£19,080 pa
(£6,360 per term)

£32,775 pa
(£10,925 per term)

£28,845 pa
(£9,615 per term)

Year 4

£20,985 pa
(£6,995 per term)

£32,775 pa
(£10,925 per term)

£28,845 pa
(£9,615 per term)

Year 5 – 6

£22,575 pa
(£7,525 per term)

£32,775 pa
(£10,925 per term)

£28,845 pa
(£9,615 per term)

Year 7 – 8

£23,055 pa
(£7,685 per term)

£32,775 pa
(£10,925 per term)

£28,845 pa
(£9,615 per term)


Scale of Charges for Nursery 2024-25

Scale of Charges for Pre-Prep and Prep School 2024-25 

Terms and Conditions 

Examples of extras

The above fees are for basic tuition. We try to keep additional costs to a minimum.  Listed below are examples of the extras that you might expect to pay:

  • Individual music, learning support and extra English lessons.
  • School uniform which is available online from the school’s suppliers.
  • School trips as part of the curriculum are inclusive of fees with the exception of larger scale trips such as the Year 6 trip to France or the Year 8 post exam trip.
  • School photographs, which are optional.
  • Transport. St Andrew’s Prep offers a comprehensive minibus service for children from Reception age.  
  • After-school activities in the Pre-Prep run from 3.30pm to 4.15pm and the majority are free of charge, unless stated otherwise.
  • After-school care in the Pre-Prep commences from 4.30pm and runs until 6pm.  It includes a light tea and the cost is £12.50.
  • Some optional after school activities and supper in the Prep school are chargeable and run from 4.10pm to 6.45pm.  

Short term stays

St Andrew’s Prep accepts children, day or boarding, in Years 3 to 7, for a minimum stay of half a term. Children in Year 8 must stay for a whole term as a minimum. We offer a short term package which includes boarding accommodation, basic tuition fees and extra English lessons. Please download the short term packages for day and boarding pupils by clicking on the links below.

Packages for Short Stays 2024-25 Day

Packages for Short Stays 2024-25 Boarding 

For more information, please contact Catherina Ashford, the Registrar, on 01323 744820 or by email at: