FMS Partnership

St Andrew’s Prep have partnered with FMS Schools to introduce a new movement initiative.

By developing the correct movement habits in their formative years, we hope to see Children develop a positive association to movement giving confidence as a teenager and ultimately setting them on a more active path for the rest of their lives.

FMS Schools is a resource and software platform built specifically for Schools to help track, report, and develop functional movement for pupils in a scalable way.   Every child can have a personalised development pathway, to support balance, mobility and postural control.

Kerry Murray, Director of Sport, said:

“We are very excited to be working with FMS Schools to help enhance our PE and Sport programme. To have access to the exciting software package to create a movement passport, we can utilise IT to screen functional movement, identify limitations and track progress.  Individual programmes for pupils will develop more awareness of the importance of how we can support our bodies to move more efficiently.”

The FMS Schools resource is built into 4 modules:

  1. Movement Play – a multi video resource to engage the children in a fun and simple way.
  2. The Bridge – An athletic development programme with 58 levels of progression focusing on movement competency skills.  
  3. Screening – In 10 minutes, a child can be assessed using 6 movement tests that challenge balance, mobility, and stability.  The tests highlight where any imbalances, asymmetries and limitations are. The system then automatically builds that child a personalised programme based on their priority of remediation.  
  4. Capacity Testing data – As data is collected, it can be stored on the pupils Athletic Development passports.


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