When did you start at St Andrew’s Prep?

I started St Andrew’s at the beginning of Year 4.

What is your earliest memory?

One of my earliest memories was making sea monsters out of sand, stone and seaweed at Beach School.

What do you look forward to each day?

I look forward to Music, Latin and History because they are my favourite subjects. I also look forward to seniors play rehearsals.

How have your friends played a part in your life at St Andrew’s?

My friends play an important role in my school life, because they support me when I need a friend and encourage me to try new things that the school has to offer.

What new skills have you developed at St Andrew’s?

St Andrews has taught me how to speak to adults in a mannerly way and with confidence. It has allowed me to develop my interests such as music, languages, table tennis and shooting.

Do you have an ambition for the future?

I am a Music Scholar and one of my ambitions is to be accepted into the Royal London College of Music to study cello and piano. I would also hope to carry on playing table tennis competitively.

What do you love most about St Andrew’s?

I love the warm environment and the friendly atmosphere. The teachers are very approachable and will always go out of their way to help me. I love all the opportunities that the school offers me for example ski trips, sport trips and music tours!
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