Extensive and individually tailored lessons for pupils who speak English as an additional language

At St Andrew’s Prep we provide a comprehensive, holistic and broad programme of English as an Additional Language to international children.

The EAL Department makes sure that international children can cope with the demands of the wider curriculum and that they thrive in a different country; growing as happy individuals. Hence, our programme is tailored to suit the cognitive, emotional and social needs of each child.

Regular communication is also made with parents and agents via email and Skype/Zoom video calls to discuss the progress and development of each child, but also with house parents, tutors, subject teachers and form teachers to ensure that school staff are aware of each child’s individual needs and abilities.

Our Head of EAL monitors closely each child’s linguistic progress and well-being, nurturing their language development and coaching children in how to learn more efficiently.

Our international pupils benefit from a wide range of materials by Cambridge and Oxford University Press, amongst other renown editors, as we support their English language acquisition process and help them achieve exam success, open doors to higher education and improve employment opportunities.

Learning a new language can seem hard and daunting for some students and that is why our holistic approach is of paramount importance for us, because it could be hard … but at St Andrew’s we make sure it is a fun and and enriching experience.


We provide a comprehensive, holistic and broad programme of Extra English tuition to international children.

The Head of EAL ensures that lessons are meaningful, beneficial and fun through an interactive approach to teaching and learning, focusing on developing the four skills of language learning with particular emphasis on oral skills. To support the EAL programme, local cultural trips are organised so international children can be wholly immersed and experience English culture to the full.

We aim to integrate children as quickly as possible to ensure they benefit from all the educational and extra-curricular opportunities on offer at St Andrew’s, and the Head of EAL ensures that children use the English language tools effectively, helping them to reach their full potential.