Making problem-solving fun

In Mathematics we aim to provide an environment in which children develop confidence in and enjoyment of the subject. Number bonds and tables are learnt thoroughly and basic numeracy is developed and tested through the ‘Big Maths’ scheme from Reception to Year 6.

There are opportunities from an early age for handling and interpreting data, reinforcing basic skills and, at a later stage, exploring basic geometry. Permeating all these strands of the subject is a development of problem solving and enabling children to think for themselves about how they might use their mathematical knowledge to work out a solution.

On the problem solving side of the subject, children take part in a variety of individual and team challenges, both at St Andrew’s and at other schools.

In all areas of the subject we aim to expose them to a variety of different methods of calculation so that they can select the one which they find the easiest to use. It is important to learn that there is not just one correct method but a selection which might be more appropriate at different times. Children are grouped according to ability from age eight. They are taught by their class teacher up to and including Year 4 after which they have lessons with specialist maths teachers.