Embracing the foundations of modern European culture

‘amo, amas, amat … , annus, anne, annum … ‘ the old familiar refrains of verbs being conjugated and nouns being declined can still be heard in the modern classroom, but today they are far more likely to be mastered through interactive tasks on the whiteboard, online quizzes and other classroom games.

The Latin department seeks to combine rigour and a realistic, up to date approach to enthusing today’s children. We aim to cater for different learning styles and abilities and to make learning the language enjoyable and accessible to all.

The study of Latin at St Andrew’s can be divided into four main areas – comprehension, translation, language analysis and background and myths.

At St Andrew’s, we would like children to develop linguistic and analytical skills, to discover the links between Latin and other European languages and to gain an insight into cultures which are the foundation of so much modern European art, literature and history.

Many children leave the school with a love of the ‘puzzle’ that is Latin and have gone on to study Classics at high-ranking universities.