Understanding the physical, chemical and biological world

We aim to develop an enquiring mind that sets out to observe, question and then test. Through experimentation and investigation, greater knowledge and understanding are obtained. We make Science fun and interesting for all pupils whatever their academic strengths and preferences.

st andrews prep science class

Science is taught as a “spiral curriculum” starting in Reception and continuing through to Year 8. Topics are introduced and then revisited in later years but in progressively more detail.

Up until the end of Year 4 the work closely follows the QCA Scheme of Work. From Year 5 onwards the work shifts and becomes increasingly based on the Bridge Curriculum syllabus. The teaching of Science as separate subjects, by specialists, begins for Physics and Biology in Year 5 and for Chemistry from Year 6 onwards.

"Science is not always about proving yourself right, it can be simply proving something to be wrong."
Ben Barter, Head of Science

In a world that’s changing rapidly, it is vital that our pupils experience, and use, modern technology to explore that scientific world. The emergence of our Bridge Curriculum has provided a wonderful opportunity to broaden our methods of teaching and assessment to reflect this. We embrace the annual “Science Week” with talks and demonstrations for all pupils from Reception up to Year 8. There are termly enrichment workshops that look beyond the Science covered in class and help understand where it fits in to current affairs in a broader context. Pupils in Year 7 get the opportunity to visit Eastbourne College for a Science workshop in the Autumn term.