Engendering fascination and curiosity about the world

Geography at St Andrew’s Prep encourages children to ask questions and explore their world, broadening their awareness of people and places and how humans and nature interact.

st andrews prep geography field

Knowing where places are in the world remains a key element of geographical study. Children’s locational knowledge expands in scale from local to global as they progress through the school. Children build on their Ordnance Survey map work and orienteering skills too.

However, Geography is much more than map work. Alongside the well-known topics such as volcanoes and earthquakes, pupils also study topics that are increasingly relatable to them, including the Geography of ‘mobile phones’ and ‘plastic oceans’. Within the school, Geography is a focus for understanding and resolving issues about the world around them and develops pupils into both independent thinkers and team players.

Pupils are exposed to a wide variety of teaching styles and resources, IT, projects, and cross-curricular interaction with other subjects. All year groups take advantage of the environment around St Andrew’s Prep. Children are provided with the opportunity for outdoor study and practical experiences including trips to the coast and the Seven Sisters Country Park.

Within the Prep School Geography is taught as an independent subject from Year 3, and all lessons (except Year 4) are with subject specialists.