Digging deep

So, I did it. Just. The truth is it was much
harder than I anticipated and that was largely
due to the tide not being able to make up its
mind. What began as a good swim with the
current towards the pier, suddenly became a
real battle of perseverance. About half-way
through it felt like the equivalent of running
up a downward travelling escalator, in a
massive amount of treacle and into a fierce
headwind all rolled in to one and I could not
get any closer to the pier despite my efforts;
the undercurrent was taking me backwards.
So what should have taken approximately 75
minutes actually took about two and a half
hours which is the longest I have spent in the
water anywhere, ever. It was certainly the
most exhausted I have felt after physical
exertion for a long time. What kept me going
however was the knowledge of why I was
swimming and the benefit this will have on
the school and also the amazing support
from the seafront of pupils and parents
cheering me on. I will never forget it and I’d
like to say a special thank you to Mark
Fellows who swam out to check if I was ok
and supply me with the necessary boost to
see me through to the end. Thank you to
you all – I couldn’t have done it, and we
couldn’t have completed the pavilion project,
without you!

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