Lessons to be learned

Move over Will Smith; there’s a new genie in town. In fact there’s a whole bunch of genie-uses in the guise of the Seniors’ Aladdin cast. Having seen the film at the cinema, which I enjoyed, I can honestly say that our production is more vibrant, colourful, amusing and fun with fabulous costumes and a wonderful live band providing the soundtrack. Well done to all involved.

Moving with such pace, I was reminded of the positive lessons we can learn from the Aladdin story. Firstly, both Aladdin and Jasmine teach us to be who we are and to live our lives honestly. We are also reminded to believe in ourselves even when others doubt and discourage. After all, diamonds are produced from the same minerals as coal and there will be times when we have to be the ‘diamond in the rough’. Aladdin also taught us the importance of friendship. The sultan learned the hard way that not all friends can be trusted, as Jafar’s betrayal demonstrated. However, Aladdin showed the power of true friendship when he set the Genie free with his last wish. In other words, Aladdin chose friendship over material possessions and that is a great lesson for today’s society.

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